The magic dream of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Lewis Carroll, an English writer known for his book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, celebrates 150 years of the publication of this spectacular book, about a girl who wakes up besides a tree and see a rabbit running into the hole and she follows him until falling in a different place called Wonderland. She asked herself who she is and where she comes from. She walks on a magic place where the animals and plants can talk with her. All the characters are really crazy. In the final way, Alice will know the evil Queen of hearts who will change her life.  
Crazy book, it isn’t? July 4th is a special date because all the book lovers will do activities related to ‘Alice’. For example at Bury St Edmunds Library in Oxford, the staff will be providing activities like face painting, story time, crafts and croquet. Many other museums, libraries, schools and groups will also celebrate Alice‘s birthday this week; at the Morgan Library & Museum. In New York City these will be an exhibit of the Tenniel illustrations related to Alice’s book. And no less important, in Ecuador we are celebrating too! Many volunteer book lovers will visit some places and schools to read chapters of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, drinking tea and discussing about this book. 

All those ideas become a great opportunity to dream, no matter the age, we’ll always find the answers about our lifes asking questions like: «Who am I and where I come from?» Do you believe that is time to know the answers? Maybe you need to go to Wonderland. 

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